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Lacking a scanner here in New Zealand, but here are some baby birds from the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch.
Motanau Beach, Waipara, New Zealand
Amberley Beach, Canterbury, New Zealand
My dear friend and I set out to explore the wilds of New Zealand for the next few months. Our adventure began on January 8th on the South Island, in Christchurch.
The Parsons Illustration Senior Show Opening and Book Launch Party was tonight! Here’s a peek at my work. Congratulations to everyone, the work was amazing!
A component of my thesis project: With 35 unique pages, this book is an exploration of cephalopods.
My starting point for this project began with simultaneously creating an etching of a group of prehistoric cephalopods and watercolors of various bobtail squid. They felt incomplete to me as singular images, and I began to push the boundaries by xeroxing the different pieces. I found that as I xeroxed the images to increasing sizes I discovered new, interesting details and compositions within my original images. Even at a much larger scale, the etching and watercolors still retained their details. My next step was to find a way to display all of these contrasting textures and colors at once, and it felt natural to me to create a book.
I choose to use vellum as the cover, feeling as if it creates a kind of veil such as looking through water. The first side of each page contains a composition based on the etching, and the reverse side has the same from one of the watercolors. As you flip through the pages there becomes evident a contrast of the different textures that have surfaced between the two different mediums, even further highlighted through color versus grayscale. The final page of the book is the full etching, allowing the viewer to gain an understanding of where the pages were derived from. The final book is 10.5 x 8 inches, bound with a Japanese Stab Binding.
One of my prints is currently being sold on as part of a collaboration with Parsons! Check out the sale for some awesome works!